“What the Bible Says About Healthy Living” Book Review

I hesitated saying anything about the book that I have just finished reading. I read it some years ago and have now read it for the second time. I decided I should since healthy living is part of daily living for our Lord. The author is Rex Russell, M. D. It was first published in 1973, but has been reprinted a few times since then. The copy I have is the second edition, published in 2006. There are multiple recommendations in the book, one of them is Jordan Rubin.

The author presents firm reasons for why we should be eating according to what the Bible directs. He backs up what he says with scripture. He is very thorough in covering the various groups of foods we should be eating and not eating. He started his research because he was suffering increasingly more health issues.

There are appendices in the back of the book. The first one is “Check Your Health Questions” and answers on nine and a half pages. The second one is on frequently asked questions with 23 pages of 33 questions and answers. The third appendix is two and a half pages about “How to Begin a Relationship With Your Creator.” The fourth appendix on eleven and a half pages has extensive notes grouped by their chapters. The last appendix is an index spread over twenty-six and a half pages.

Dr. Russell’s writing style is very thorough and easy to read. As a former librarian, I know the value of books that are well documented and this one is that way. I highly recommend reading this book if you want to understand what the Bible says about healthy living. You may just well have your thoughts about eating changed. It is worth your time. I do not regret reading it again!