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One way to study the Bible is to do a word study. Doing a word study gives you a better and more complete understanding of a particular word. One day, while reading scripture, the word beloved jumped out at me. Do you know the difference between loved and beloved? I wanted to know the difference. The two words are very much the same, but beloved speaks of a deeper love. The definition for beloved is “dearly loved.” Oh, to be dearly loved by God!!! What joy!!!

In doing a word study of beloved in the Bible, here are some of the facts of what I found.

Is used in
104 verses in the Bible
28 verses in Song of Solomon
8 verses in Romans
9 verses are specifically about individual people
30 verses speak to groups of people
6 verses describe people
1 verse describes a place
Is used by
Paul in 21 verses
Peter in 8 verses
John in 9 verses

Benjamin and Daniel were specifically called beloved of God
Deuteronomy 33:12
Daniel 9:23, 109:11, 10:19

Paul called Timothy his beloved son & Philemon a beloved friend I Corinthians 4:17
2 Timothy 1:2
Philemon 1:1

God the Father said Jesus is the beloved Son
Matthew 3:17 & 17:5
Mark 1:11 & 9:7
Luke 3:22 & 9:35

Jesus used the word beloved in a parable twice
Mark 12:6
Luke 20:13