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Let’s Roll!

I recently finished this excellent book. I highly recommend it! It is a biography about Todd Beamer, one of the heroes of  9/11, written by his wife, Lisa. It will greatly encourage you to press on in your daily walk with Jesus, no matter what!

Let’s Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage by Lisa Beamer and Ken Abraham.



Good Devotional Book

Are you looking for a good devotional book to use in your daily devotions?

There are many excellent resources available for the Christian. It is important with any devotional book you use to be sure it follows the scriptural teaching of the Bible. Any devotional reading you do and for that matter, any thing you hear, should always be supported by God’s word and not contrary to it. We should be as the Bereans were in Acts 17:11: "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

One title I recommend is "Our Daily Bread" from the Radio Bible Class. The link is on the sidebar of the blog. I have used it for over 37 years. It is free and mailed monthly to you. All that is necessary for you to do is to sign up for it on their website. It was started many years ago by Dr. M. R. De Haan, who is now with the Lord. It has been continued by his children, grandchildren, and many others. Dr. De Haan saw a need for Christians to put Jesus in their daily living. God has spoken to me many times over the years through the daily devotions. I often quote it on this blog.

Whatever devotional you do use, I want to encourage you to do so daily. You should also have a time of Bible reading, too. It is so very important for us to get into God’s word and receive the spiritual food He has for us. It is the only way to get to know the mind of God and be one with Him.

Book Recommendation On Life’s Struggles

Another book recommendation that I highly recommend is:
“The Valley Is Bright” by Nell Collins & Mary Beth Moster
Published 1978 & 1983 by Thomas Nelson
If you have trouble finding it, try:

This is an autobiography of Nell Collins and her struggles as she grows up. She has a life long battle with insecurity, rebellion, and overeating. As an adult, she faces melanoma. She starts “Hope In Crisis,” a ministry to cancer patients. It is not a large book, only 143 pages, but well worth the read. Her website can be found at

Book Recommendation on Suffering

I highly recommend Joni Eareckson Tada’s latest book:
“A Place of Healing: Wrestling With The Mysteries Of Suffering.”
Published 2010 by David Cook
Can be purchased on Amazon or your local bookstore.

She is writing this book while suffering intense pain she calls jaw-splitting. She has suffered with this pain for 10 years. Yes, on top of her quadriplegia. This is before she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2010. There is just something about it speaking to your heart when it comes from someone who has been (and still is) going through suffering. God greatly impressed upon me that I should read this book. I was only a few pages into the book when I knew why!