No Greater Love

The immensity of God’s love is insurmountable! It is hard to imagine the depth of His love! He created man for His glory and for His pleasure. (Isaiah 43:7, Revelation 4:11)

He knew there would be those who would always love and follow Him. (John 10:27-29) He knew that they would not all choose to love Him. He knew that some would choose to love Him if they just knew about Him. He knew that there would be many who would give their everything, including their lives, for Him, so that others might know about Him. (Isaiah 46:10)

So, when God created man, He already knew what would happen and He had a plan in place. That thread of redemption can be followed through the whole Bible.

  1. Bible story excerpts showing the scarlet thread of redemption through all the Bible is downloadable, in a free PowerPoint or other format from this site.
  2. “The Big Story” from The Gospel Project, a 5 minute video, View it here.

And He provided a way for man to choose to love and follow Him—His only son, Jesus. Jesus who is a part of the Father. (John 10:30) Jesus was sent by the Father to accomplish one thing, only one. To give His life on the cross so that man might have a way to be saved from his sins and live with God forever. (Matthew 20:28) For more verses on His love go to this website.

Then, on top of that, God had it all written down in a handbook for life—the Bible. Now all man must do is study the Bible to find how to live God’s way and accept His salvation provided through Jesus Christ alone. (Micah 6:8)

What love our Heavenly Father had for us! Using a saying of our modern times, it is hard to wrap your mind around that! Oh, such love! Immeasurable! Glorious! Wonderful! Amazing!

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 Check out this link for more verses about His love.


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