If Jesus Goes With Me

If Jesus Goes With Me
(Verses 1, 3, & chorus)

It may be in the valley, where countless dangers hide;
It may be in the sunshine that I, in peace, abide;
But this one thing I know–If it be dark or fair,
If Jesus is with me, I’ll go anywhere!

But if it be my portion to bear my cross at home,
While others bear their burdens beyond the billow’s foam,
I’ll prove my faith in Him–confess His judgments fair,
And, if He stays with me. I’ll stay anywhere!

If Jesus goes with me, I’ll go Anywhere!
‘Tis heaven to me,
Where’er I may be,
If He is there!
I count it a privilege here…
His cross to bear;
If Jesus goes with me,
I’ll go Anywhere.


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