1. Loves his sheep and develops a close, intimate relationship with them so that they know his voice and trust him

2. Understands the needs of the sheep better than they do

3. Understands what threatens sheep and what makes them sick

4. Works tirelessly to provide protection and security

5. Leads them to fresh pastures and fresh water

6. Searches out sheep when they stray

7. Defends sheep against all their enemies

8. Provides protection while they sleep

9. Shears them and examines each one for injury or disease

10. Goes ahead of sheep and prepares the path

11. Disciplines and corrects them

12. Comforts sheep when they are hurt or fearful

13. Keeps sheep "on the move" so they don’t get into a rut

14. Liberally anoints them with oil to prevent disease or to heal an injury

15. Keeps sheep from fighting and from hurting each other

16. Cares for, loves sheep, and sacrifices his life for them

17. Rejoices in the health, well-being, and prosperity of his flock

18. Will leave the flock to search for lost sheep

19. Experiences great joy in finding lost sheep

20. Carries the lambs close to his heart

21. Gently leads those with young

22. Gets deepest satisfaction from seeing that sheep are contented, well-fed, and safe

From Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg, VA


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