Don’t Confuse God With Life

During my devotion time several days ago, the writer relayed the story of a gentleman going through some very difficult times. When questioned about this, his answer was "Don’t confuse God with life." I have heard this before and it is so true. Earth is not our home, heaven is.!

With the trouble, trials, anger, hunger, sickness, injuries, discouragements, and other hardships we all face in life, it is easy to be depressed and forget God. But when we live daily with God, we need to turn to him every single time we hit the bumps in the road of life. It is part of living in this sinful world, but we are not going to be here forever.

The devil likes to use these times in our lives to get our mind off of Christ. He knows he can’t get us to rob a bank or do some horrible sin, but if he can just get us to not trust God, or get us to forget about God, that old devil is happy!

Remember our God is faithful. We may not understand why so many things happen in our lives, but it is our mission on earth to glorify God, no matter what, and tell others about His love and salvation. None of these trials will separate us from God. Look beyond these to God. Remember, don’t confuse God with life!


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